The Great Advantages of Mezzanine Financing

Small and medium-sized businesses that have demonstrated profitability have a range of financing options. Some companies opt to raise funds by issuing bonds, while others partner with equity investors. Though traditional bank lending is an option, this alternative can be more challenging given today’s economic conditions. One choice that offers flexibility while encouraging growth is […]

Top 3 Reasons to Lease Commercial Space

If you are a business owner, you may have leased your commercial space instead of buying the whole building. You probably chose this option because you don’t have large amounts of money lying around for property purchases, nor do you have a printing press in your basement for printing money. You have made an excellent […]

The Best Rehab Project Financing Options

The decision to purchase property that is in need of a good fix can be a wise one to make. There are plenty of great of advantages that come along with owning property. When you set your eyes on a building that needs a little bit of work, it means that you have the freedom […]

WN Financial Solutions Funds Marijuana Property In CO

200000 funded for marijuana warehouse

In December 2016, WN Financial Solutions financed a warehouse located in Colorado. The warehouse property is being used as a location to retail and grow marijuana. Since the banks would not fund a property used for this purpose, WN Financial Solutions was able to fund the $200,000 need for the property.

Why Using Stated Income Loans for Real Estate Investments Just Makes Sense

Stated Income Loans are Speedy Since the housing market has been making a comeback, so have several types of loans which had practically gone extinct throughout the recession and the crash of the market. One of the returning loans which have attracted the most notice from borrowers are stated income loans. These loans allow borrowers […]

Why Asset Based Lending Is Popular With Small Businesses

Many small businesses find themselves needing more working capital for professional growth or daily operation. In these situations, asset based lending is a popular option for business owners to get the financing they need. It allows companies that may not have long credit histories to use their accounts receivable and inventory as collateral so that […]

WN Financial Solutions Quickly Funds Local Colorado Business For $75K

75000 for colorado small business

WN Financial Solutions recently funded a healthy snack and coffee delivery company in Colorado for $75,000. The borrower’s company has been growing fast from $150,000 revenue to $1MM+ revenue a year and acquiring other businesses within a few years. They needed working capital for expansion and to keep up with their new contracts. WN Financial Solutions […]

How to Get Private Loans for CRE Investments

Finding financing for your commercial real estate investment might seem tricky but you might be surprised at how relatively simple it is to obtain private loans for your investments. Here are some key tips for getting the financing you need. Be Patient Investing in any kind of real estate can take considerable time. From finding […]

Top 10 Apps Small Business Owners Need Right Now

Running a small business can often feel quite hectic. In order to find a bit of peace, it can be helpful to discover the right tools and resources to allow you some sanity. There are some wonderful apps out there that can help you achieve everything from organization to time management. Here are just a […]

What Is Healthcare Financing & Is It Right for Your Practice?

Healthcare financing is a method of payment that allows patients to remain financially responsible for their own medical care. When medical practices choose to offer financing programs with little interest and low fees, patients are often able to afford care that would otherwise be financially prohibitive. In the current healthcare environment, patients and medical practices […]