How to Get Private Loans for CRE Investments

Finding financing for your commercial real estate investment might seem tricky but you might be surprised at how relatively simple it is to obtain private loans for your investments. Here are some key tips for getting the financing you need.

Be Patient

Investing in any kind of real estate can take considerable time. From finding financing to fixing up the property, it might take more time than you think it should. A huge deal might take a while to complete but if you can be patient and think positive, then you will have a better experience all around.

Look at All Options

When you are looking for financing, you might shy away from one type of private loan and focus all your time and attention on another avenue because that is what you are comfortable with. Trying to get private loans for an investment requires some creativity and perhaps even stepping out of your comfort zone a bit to really see some of the opportunities available to you.

Take Your Time

A successful career in commercial real estate investing doesn’t happen overnight. You may actually have to invest a great deal of your own time to make it work. The more time you spend in your business, the more experience you will gain, and the quicker you will become an expert.

Think Big

Many first time CRE investors shy away from the big deals, afraid they won’t get financing or that they will have time for the big deals after they have more experience. Find a deal you want and you will be passionate about finding financing for it.

Think Outside the Box

Private loans are different from bank loans in that you may need to seek out financing through avenues that stretch you and make you consider alternatives that you might not have thought about before. Get used to thinking outside the box a little bit. This will help you in terms of financing and throughout your career as an investor.

Use Relationships

It seems that most business opportunities come about through network connections. There is nothing wrong with using your relationships with other professionals, both in and out of real estate, to find financing and other opportunities. Talk to people who want to see you be successful and you might be very surprised at what you are able to find.

Finding private loans for your commercial real estate investments does not have to be difficult. By following these tips, you can be well on your way to finding the financing you need while increasing your opportunities for future business growth as well.