Funded Deals!


Purchase and Rehab loan closed for first time investor JC wanted to start his new journey as real estate investor. He had found a property to renovate and re-sell. It was his first property to fix and flip. He came to WNFS to seek the best loan option he could get as a first time investor. WNFS was […]

Market Update

Happy Monday!  Markets are bouncing around the flat line this morning.  The Dow was in negative territory when I started this email.  After a couple telephone call interruptions, the Dow turned positive by 40 points and then has come back to its current level of down 5 points.  The NASDAQ is up 16 points and the […]

To Have or Not to Have Credit- That is the Big Question!

man holding credit card

How many have heard someone yell excitedly, “don’t get credit-use cash.” You might have heard it from a friend, neighbor, or even a financial consultant at a seminar. I had attended a well- known seminar where the speaker had been adamant about not using credit and maintained that cash was the only way to go, BUT, […]

A Painting Company Got Funded! 


A local painting company needed working capital to grow business and also as a cushion for the future expenses. Business Line of Credit was the best option for this scenario. They were approved for Business Line of Credit that they can draw fund when needed and pay interest only on that amount they draw. WN Financial […]

Colorado Brewery Company Gets Funding


FUNDED! A winner of a national brewing competition with many years of brewing experience sought to acquire an operating brewery. The small size of the loan and the fact that this was her first brewery made it funding a challenge. WN Financial Solutions found a local source who understands and supports small business. WN Financial […]

How the Tax Reform Act is Affecting the Housing Market


All arrows are green on the market board this morning – something that’s rarely seen.  Typically stocks trade in contrast to commodities and bonds and vice versa, but this morning – all arrows are moving up.  The Dow is currently up 175 points having topped the 24,800 level for the first time ever.  The NASDAQ […]

Commercial Real Estate Financing Alternatives

CRE Financing Alternatives The purchase of a new property can be crucial to starting a business or expanding an existing one. Whether the investment is a warehouse, storefront, or apartment building, buying commercial real estate can prove to be a lucrative endeavor. The cost, however, is often beyond what the business owner can pay out […]

Denver Medical Practices: Getting Access To The Best Equipment

Denver medical practices offer some of the best healthcare services in the country. Part of the reason for that success is having access to the most cutting edge equipment available. However, for many Denver medical practices, the cost of acquiring and maintaining equipment can place a big strain on finances. Fortunately, there are alternatives to […]

Becoming a Leader in the Commercial Real Estate Market

In commercial real estate, being a trailblazer in the market can lead to a pile of signed deals and a high reputation in the marketing community. Leadership helps give you a reputation that radiates trust, responsibility, and integrity. Not only can leadership attract and influence buyers, but it is needed to survive in such a […]

Denver AR Financing Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Working capital is the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. However, finding a reliable source of working capital in Denver, CO without taking on massive amounts of debt can be a huge challenge. Fortunately, Denver AR financing solutions provide the remedy the local healthcare industry has been seeking. So Many Invoices, So Many Delays in Payments […]