Top 10 Apps Small Business Owners Need Right Now

Running a small business can often feel quite hectic. In order to find a bit of peace, it can be helpful to discover the right tools and resources to allow you some sanity. There are some wonderful apps out there that can help you achieve everything from organization to time management. Here are just a few of the best apps for small business owners to take advantage of.

Evernote is, perhaps, your best bet when it comes to staying organized. This app allows you to scan and store vital information on documents by simply taking a photo of the paper. The app will analyze handwriting and style to create a fresh and easy to read document for you to archive or use as you see fit.

Skype is another of the more well-known apps out there. Conferencing with people all over the world has never been simpler thanks to this video-based program. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and you’ll be ready to connect to anyone you need to.

Transferring large files can really be difficult for businesses. E-mail may seem like a fine choice, but most accounts limit the size of a file that can be sent. DropBox is an app that can help you to send gigantic files to anyone you need to reach.

If you use multiple devices for your business, then you may be seeking an app that can allow all of your various messages to be found in a centralized location. Pushover can help you to do this. This app integrates all of the information from various devices, making it simple for you to access whatever information that you may need in a pinch.

Rescue Time can help you manage your time better. This app allows you to track exactly how much time you have spent on each app on your phone, so you can make the right adjustments moving forward.

For those who travel a great deal for business, TripIt is a handy solution. All of your travel details and expenses will be recorded in one place so you will always be able to know your plans.

For expenses, there are several helpful solutions. Expensify can help you to keep track of every dollar that you spend by linking your credit or debit cards to the program. You will know where your money is going and how to better balance your budget. If you want an alternative to banking to pay your employees, you may want to trust in the enhanced security available through PayPal. An app like ZenPayRoll can help you to account for all of your income and the taxes that must be taken out of each check.

For a small business with a storefront, Square is a lifesaver. Instead of having to deal with installing credit card devices, you can transform a tablet or phone into a card reader with just an app and a small piece of equipment.