What Financing Options Are Available For Real Estate Investors?


There are many advantages that can be obtained by investing in real estate. This type of investment can bring in a lot of money overtime, and it never hurts to have many assets in one’s portfolio. Unfortunately to be able to do this most people need to obtain some sort of financing to make it possible. There are many avenues that one can consider to obtain rental property loans with a reasonable interest rate. Some of these options include a bank, owner financing, and many other financing methods.

If one decides to obtain rental property loans from a big banking institution then they are going to need a rather sizeable down payment. Most banks will require a down payment of 20%. The bigger the down payment is, the more flexible the bank will be when it comes to interest rates. It is also important to have a great credit score when obtaining any kind of loan from a traditional bank. These banking institutions only want to go into business with people that feel they can trust to pay them back in full. A bad credit score makes most bankers uncomfortable. If going to a larger bank is out of the question, then it might be a good idea to consider a smaller bank that is local. Many of these banking institutions have been known to be more flexible with their requirements.

Owner financing is another great option when it comes to rental property loans. In the past, many people were wary about interested buyers asking for owner financing. Since almost anyone could get a loan from the bank other methods of financing were considered suspicious. In today’s economic situation however, it is not at all uncommon for people to obtain financing without a bank. There are many people who want to sell their homes quickly which can make them more likely to agree to this type of deal. When utilizing this option it is important to be upfront about how much money the owner will get, and exactly what the terms are going to be so the owner knows that they are not getting the short end of the stick.

If going to a bank or obtaining owner financing are not viable options, then it is going to be necessary to think outside of the box. Rental property loans come in many different forms. Some individuals have been able to secure money with a home equity line of credit through that uses insurance policies and even credit cards. It is possible to find investors through peer-to-peer financing sites. There are many possibilities that one should explore when they are trying to invest in real estate.