How YouTube Is Key to a Successful Business

In the 21st century, a YouTube presence and business growth go hand-in-hand. Consumers are accustomed to a variety of methods business owners use to make contact, and YouTube ranks right up there with print media, radio advertisements, and television commercials.


YouTube videos can arguably be seen as more innocuous in that the consumer has a role in the discovery. Consumers do not have a choice in the types of television commercials they see or radio advertisements they hear, but they do have the choice of what kinds of YouTube videos they enjoy. Having this choice empowers the consumer and can mean growth for a company that wants to re-envision its customer base as human beings capable of making their own choices instead of individuals with whom the company has to haggle.


Consider the types of customers who generally see YouTube as yet another means to inform themselves about a product. These are individuals who tend to be both savvy and fickle. If they feel pressured by some high-powered commercial to whip out their wallets or purses, then the wisdom of the day tells us they will walk away from a potential deal without another thought. With YouTube, however, the power is with the consumer. It is the consumer who happens upon the YouTube video, which allows the company to shift from a sell-sell-sell model to a less intense model that is more information-based. YouTube videos work because they inform, and this is what the modern day consumer is very much used to.


If business growth is central to your mission, then not having a YouTube presence would be counterproductive. A company that is all about making profit must be a company that is all about understanding the unique needs and perspectives of the modern consumer. A company that wants to thrive, in other words, must put the unique shopping proclivities of the modern consumer at the center of its marketing plan. It is all about reaching the customer, and having a YouTube presence would accomplish this task with ease and great success. To be informative about your product is one thing, but to present it to your consumers in a way that is appealing – sounds, sights, movement, etc. – is quite another.


So do yourself a great favor. Make business growth a focus by putting yourself on the virtual map, and see YouTube for what it really is: a superb advertising resource that may earn you more money and professional clout.

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