Accounts Receivable Financing

Access Cash in as Little as 24 Hours Through Accounts Receivable Financing

When your business needs cash before your open invoices are due, financing your receivables is an excellent way to acquire funds quickly and easily. The accounts receivable program at WN Financial Solutions can provide you with capital faster than a traditional bank loan by providing you with a lump sum payment now for money your business is owed.

Financing Your Receivables With WN Financial Solutions

Financing receivables, or factoring, gets your business cash for your customer invoices due on a schedule of 30, 60, or 90 days. Instead of waiting for the due dates or spending time trying to collect on past-due invoices, you can sell your receivables at a discount for an immediate influx of cash.

Our factoring program is not a loan program. Your business does not incur debt because you are selling your invoices in the same manner you would sell any asset.

The Benefits of Factoring

Factoring has many advantages over a bank loan. There is no need for a monthly repayment budget over months or years. WN Financial Solutions will simply collect the invoice total from your customer. Other advantages to factoring include:

  • No waiting for a bank to approve your loan. You can access cash in as little as 24 hours.
  • We focus on your customers’ credit standing, so factoring is perfect for new businesses or those with credit problems.
  • You are not responsible if your customer does not pay. We handle collections.

Contact WN Financial Solutions today to learn how our accounts receivable financing program can get you cash for your open invoices.