Leasing Equipment In Colorado Springs

A big part of the success for any business in Colorado Springs is having the right equipment to fill and deliver customer orders quickly and effectively. However, the upfront cost of purchasing equipment in Colorado Springs is prohibitively high – placing a strain on cash flow, or forcing business owners to take out bank loans to meet current prices. Fortunately, there are programs for leasing equipment in Colorado Springs which give businesses access to the tools and equipment they need, without placing any debt on the balance sheets.

How Does Leasing Equipment Work?

Instead of paying the total cost in full for equipment, approved business owners can spread out the price over manageable monthly installments. Business owners do not have to worry about depreciation, and equipment leasing agreements usually have the option to buy built into the contract.

Leasing Equipment Offers Many Options

By leasing equipment in Colorado Springs, business owners get access to a number of different options. For instance, cleaning and maintenance can be rolled into the agreement, thereby saving a business from having to hire an in-house specialist or paying high fees to a third party. There is also the ability to upgrade to the latest models as they become available. This is much more cost effective than purchasing equipment, selling it every few years at below market value, and making up the difference with a traditional bank loan. The ability to upgrade is very advantageous for industries such as construction, IT, healthcare, and manufacturing – where equipment becomes outdated on a regular basis.

Tax Advantages

There are tax advantages to leasing equipment in Colorado Springs, as well. All payments made on an equipment leasing agreement fall under the general heading of “operational costs,” according to the IRS. This means all payments on leased equipment up to $500,000 can be listed as itemized deductions every year when filing business taxes. Annual savings like that mean leasing equipment practically pays for itself.

Leasing Equipment In Colorado Springs

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