Finding Commercial Real Estate Financing In Denver, CO

Getting access to commercial real estate financing can be challenging to small business owners and investor alike. Traditional lenders, such as banks, have high requirements for commercial real estate financing in Denver, CO such as perfect credit and a strong financial history. Unfortunately, this leaves many small business owners and CRE investors funding property transactions out of pocket, or entering into unfavorable financing agreements. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions which offer the flexibility that Denver, CO entrepreneurs demand.

SBA Loans

Believe it or not, SBA loans are not just for working capital and business equipment. SBA loans can also be a source for commercial real estate financing in Denver, CO. The trick is to find a lender designated as a “preferred financial services” company. These lenders have the ability to fast track SBA loans to make the funds available much faster than traditional lending channels. Preferred financial services lenders can also get the most competitive terms and rates for commercial real estate SBA loans in Denver, CO.

Mezzanine Loans For Commercial Real Estate In Denver, CO

Sometimes commercial real estate projects in Denver, CO call for larger financing than a traditional debt loan can cover. Mezzanine financing combines both debt and equity components for larger commercial real estate projects, such as hotels and multifamily residences. Additionally, mezzanine financing is ranked lower on the hierarchy of loans, so Denver, CO commercial real estate investors have more flexibility for their projects than with traditional financing solutions.

HUD And FHA Loans

When seeking commercial real estate financing in Denver, CO many investors overlook HUD and FHA loans as a viable source of funding. HUD and FHA loans can provide funding for acquisitions, construction, and even refinancing transactions on HUD properties. This is ideal for multifamily rentals, managed care housing, healthcare centers, and much more.

Get The Best Commercial Real Estate Financing In Denver, CO

WN Financial Solutions is committed to providing the best commercial real estate financing in Denver, CO. Whether you need a conventional loan to purchase a house to flip, bridge loans, or funding for ground-up construction, we have you covered. We are also proud to be a “Preferred Financial Services” company, so we can process SBA loan requests quickly and get you the most competitive terms and rates. If you are buying, selling, building, or refinancing commercial properties, WN Financial Solutions will work with you to structure funding that works with your budget, to help you reach your goals. Contact our offices today to learn more.