Consumer Financing In Colorado Springs: Boosting Revenue

Business owners in Colorado Springs understand the constant challenge of increasing sales. Similarly, for businesses are constantly trying to figure out ways to get paid on time for larger orders. In order to ameliorate this conundrum and offer payment options while boosting sales, Colorado Springs businesses are turning to consumer financing.

Why Colorado Springs Businesses Are Choosing Consumer Financing

Consumer financing offers payment options for customers across all industries in Colorado Springs. When a customer applies for consumer financing at a particular business, someone in customer service places a phone call to the financing provider. The provider then runs a fast credit check on the customer, and figures out the amount of store credit they have, as well as the monthly payment plans. The entire process takes just a few minutes. By offering payment options, customers can spread out the overall cost of their purchases. This means that consumers can access the products and services they want, rather than having to settle for what they can afford at the moment, or holding off on purchases altogether.

Timely Payment

One of the major factors causing a strain on cash flow is outstanding customer payments. When customers qualify for consumer financing, that strain is eliminated. Payment can be taken out automatically, or paid online, via phone, at your business, or even by mail to ensure a steady and healthy cash flow. Consumer financing also streamlines accounts receivable because payments come from the financing provider, rather than having to track individual customer accounts. The financing provider will also handle any notifications and reminders, which will free up time and resources for any business.

Versatility For Every Industry

There was a time when consumer financing was only available for automotive dealerships and big box stores. Now, Colorado Springs business owners across all industries can access consumer financing. IT startups, manufacturers, retailers, business vendors, healthcare providers, and more in Colorado Springs are offering consumer financing options to increase both sales and cash flow to provide the capital necessary to grow and flourish in a competitive market.

Get Started Today

If you own a business in Colorado Springs, and want to take advantage of consumer financing, call WN Financial Solutions at 719-445-8211. We offer the best consumer financing in Colorado Springs, and give business owners the ability to offer creative incentives to build their customer base. Get the most out of your business and boost sales with consumer financing today.