Understanding Commercial Real Estate Financing In Colorado Springs

Commercial real estate is seeing a huge boom in Colorado Springs. However, for new and experienced CRE investors, traditional bank loans are not always in the picture. Entry requirements to secure loans are prohibitively high for independent investors. Additionally, bank loans take a long time process and cannot be customized due to their “one size fits all” approach. In order to give commercial real estate investors the financial flexibility they demand, there are a number of solutions.

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a number of loan programs which can be used for commercial properties in Colorado Springs. SBA loans can be used for owner-occupied properties, and even larger ventures, like hotels. However, the SBA is inundated with requests on a regular basis, which can slow down the approval process. To counter that, the SBA has designated select lenders in Colorado Springs as “Preferred Financial Services” organizations. These lenders can fast track SBA loan applications to get funds released quickly with the most competitive rates.

Mezzanine Financing

For larger commercial real estate transaction in Colorado Springs, there is mezzanine financing. Mezzanine financing gives CRE investors the capital needed to purchase and renovate properties such as multifamily rentals. The lending solution also allows for ground-up construction for large ventures, such as hotels and healthcare centers. Mezzanine financing – unlike bank loans – is focused on the overall profitability of a project, rather than bottom line numbers to qualify.

HUD And FHA Loans

There are a number of properties in Colorado Springs which ca be funded with HUD and FHA loans. Multifamily residences, senior housing, managed care facilities, healthcare centers and more qualify for these loans. HUD and FHA loans offer the advantage of low fixed rates and credit enhancements. These loans can be used for everything from property acquisitions to construction, and even refinancing. Much like SBA loans, partnering with the right commercial lender can expedite the loan process and ensure the best terms and rates.

More Options For Colorado Springs Investors

WN Financial Solutions is committed to offering the best commercial real estate financing in Colorado Springs. In addition to the solutions listed above, we also provide bridge loans, CMBS loans, construction financing, and much more. Contact our office today at 719-445-8211. Our team of professionals have the industry experience to provide a customized solution to take on CRE investments of all sizes.