Denver Medical Practices: Getting Access To The Best Equipment

Denver medical practices offer some of the best healthcare services in the country. Part of the reason for that success is having access to the most cutting edge equipment available. However, for many Denver medical practices, the cost of acquiring and maintaining equipment can place a big strain on finances. Fortunately, there are alternatives to […]

What Colorado Springs Businesses Need For SBA Loan Approval

Whether your small business needs working capital or financing for commercial real estate acquisitions, SBA loans are usually the solution. For Colorado Springs businesses, being able to access SBA is necessary to get a foothold in a thriving landscape for entrepreneurs. However, there are some things all Colorado Springs business owners should have before seeking […]

Dental Patient Financing In Colorado Springs

One of the biggest strains on cash flow for dental practices comes from unpaid patient invoices and waiting on insurance providers to approve reimbursement. In order to remedy (and prevent) this scenario, as well as building up a loyal patient base, many dental practices in the Colorado Springs area are offering patient financing. How Dental […]

Leasing Equipment In Colorado Springs

A big part of the success for any business in Colorado Springs is having the right equipment to fill and deliver customer orders quickly and effectively. However, the upfront cost of purchasing equipment in Colorado Springs is prohibitively high – placing a strain on cash flow, or forcing business owners to take out bank loans […]