Securities-Based Lending

Fast, Low-Rate Financing Using Your Securities or Cash

Imagine a quick line of revolving credit, financing that does not tie up your property, bank accounts, or other assets and does not involve credit or credit reporting in any way. Then imagine that you can use your existing stocks, bonds or mutual funds, but also your cash to restructure-together with your licensed lender advisor-into eligible, perhaps conservative securities, with funding available in two weeks on average instead of months with other programs so you can get the cash you need now. Imagine all that, with no sales of your securities, 24/7 online access, and a major U.S. investment bank lender with fully licensed FINRA-member advisors who want you to become their next long-term client.

If you have a portfolio of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. ), you may be able to tap them for a wholesale credit line without changing ownership or selling. Click here to learn more.

Would you like to tap your stock portfolio and leverage it into your commercial real estate investment? Click here to learn more.

Supplement your existing financing with a securities-based loan. Click here to learn more.

If you own stocks or mutual funds, we have access to a no-title transfer, no-sale-to-fund line of credit via a major licensed institution through a strategic partnership. Click here to learn more.

Buying a franchise or business? Consider tapping your stocks without selling them. More here.

Your next commercial real estate venture might need some extra cash. If you own securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) we can refer you into a great, wholesale, custom, lending program. Click for information.

Current funding insufficient or taking too long? Have you considered tapping your stock portfolio via a fully licensed institutional credit line program? Wholesale rates and custom terms. Learn more and get quote here.

Not happy with your financing? Consider a loan against your securities portfolio. Click here for more.

Tap your securities portfolio for very low-interest financing. Learn more here.

Got stocks? Tap ’em! Click here for more.